Walk, Don’t Run was Cary Grant’s last movie made.  It is filmed in Tokyo and based on the housing shortage with the 1964 Olympics Games.  Hats off to the 1930’s screwball comedies, with all the beautifully delivered witty lines by Grant and friends, makes his last movie one of my favorites!

It is a remake of the 1943 film with Jean Arthur, The More the Merrier with the lovely character actor Charles Coburn who won the Oscar for the Best Supporting Actor.  This movie should be on your list as well to watch because it also very well done and funny.  In a different way though and the two movies can hold their own both being very funny must see movies.

Back to Walk, Don’t Run.  Grant is joined by Samantha Eggar and Jim Hutton with Quincy Jones’ music throughout the movie.  The three actors do a great job of making the writing come to life in a very humorous way.  Jim Hutton’s performance is resemblance of Jimmy Stewart, which no idea if it was done on purpose or not but it totally works with Grant.

The movie is fluff, I mean it is a total of silliness situations that Grant’s character, Sir William, orchestras to get Eggar and Hutton (Christine and Steve) together.  But it is so delightful and so funny and after all that is the point and why you make comedies so they won the game there!

Sir William is a British business man that came to Tokyo two days early and answers an ad to share an apartment that Christine posted at the British Embassy.  She isn’t sold on sharing with a man but somehow Sir William gets her to let him stay.  Then Sir William meets Steve, the Olympic sportsmen that also arrived two days early looking for a place to stay.  So all three are in Christine’s apartment, where Sir William sees a spark and there you go.

There are sharp lines woven throughout the movie but there are gems of comedic scenes that are truly laugh out loud!  Sir William’s first night, Christine is trying to make sure that the morning schedule is very clear and organized down to exact times and then we are in wdr03the small apartment watching it unfold.  I would love Cary Grant to make me a cup of coffee the way that he makes it!  Then you have Steve and Sir William in a Japanese bath and Steve literally jumps in the bath making a big splash and ruining Sir William’s relaxing cigar and soak.  And towards the end you finally find out Steve’s event and see Cary Grant walking along side of Jim Hutton trying to make the last effort to get Samantha Eggar and him together all while walking through the streets of Tokyo in his underwear!

Looking for a night in and to laugh at mid-century romcom, this is a great pick.  It may have been Grant’s last movie, however I promise that the charm is still there and he completely delivers along with Eggars and Hutton.

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